European elections 2024: CEMR calls for an “open and responsible model of international cooperation”

15 February 2024

The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), the host partner of PLATFORMA, has published its “Call to Action” ahead of June 2024 elections to the European Parliament when nearly 400 million citizens are invited to choose their representatives to the EU directly-elected institution. In this “Call to Action”, the 4th “Key message” is about international cooperation.

It says:

  • European partnerships, twinning arrangements and enlargements of the European Union have demonstrated their importance, by fostering shared common values, contributing to openness and greater understanding between diverse groups and communities.
  • International cooperation is crucial to achieve the 2030 Agenda at the local and regional levels.  Learning among peers in Europe and further afield can bring positive and mutually beneficial change that raises standards for local public policies in Europe and globally.
  • Decentralised cooperation supports the establishment of equal partnerships by building bridges between territories. Funding instruments sould be further territorialised so that they can be adapted  and made accessible to LRGs.
  • National governments and the EU should accelerate the localisation and territorialisation of the SDGs. This requires that LRGs be assigned the appropriate autonomy of action, adequate means  and resources to implement the 2030 Agenda in their communities.

This “Call to Action” also makes 3 recommendations to future members of the European Parliament:

  • The next European Parliament is urged to continue supporting decentralised cooperation as a tool of reference; this approach has proven its effectiveness and fostered inclusive international cooperation and democracy amongst the EU and its global partners.
  • EU policy and decision-makers should give political space and recognition to LRGs by establishing regular dialogue with the subnational level and by including local elected representatives in their delegations to any relevant high-level meetings. These include the High-Level Political Forum meetings and other summits hosted by the United Nations and the European institutions.
  • The next European Parliament should reinstate and enshrine funding lines and opportunities for LRGs across EU external financing instruments with particular attention to the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument – Global Europe.

 Read full CEMR Call to Action“.

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