Joint statement from the Spanish international development agencies in response to the COVID-19 crisis

12 June 2020

On 25 May was presented the Joint statement named “Emerging from the crisis by cooperating”, initiative fostered by the Extremadura and Basque country development agencies as a result of a dialogue process with all the Spanish autonomous regions. The joint statement was launched in a synchronized way by the 17 Spanish development agencies and the Spanish Confederation of Provincial Councils and Municipal Funds.

The joint statement highlights the key role of the decentralised cooperation to overcome the existing challenges from a local and global perspective through the impulse of collaboration and complementary measures. COVID-19 crisis has showed the interdependence and interconnected face of development issues. In this line, the 2030 Agenda has become an opportunity to deal with the consequences of this crisis.

The statement places a special focus on refugee people, concretely in Saharawi and Palestinian refugees, for whom resources have been allocated in a coordinated manner by the agencies.

This declaration has been unique in its kind, due to the huge consensus created among all regional governments. Among its agreements the declaration integrates the progression towards the sustainability, the reduction of gaps, address climate change challenges or the sustained commitment to the local, among others.

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