We are looking for an external evaluator!

13 December 2018

PLATFORMA is looking for an external evaluator top undertake an evaluation of internal processes, in order to identify possibilities for improvement and to streamline joint delivery of outputs, dissemination of outcomes, and demonstration of impact of PLATFORMA work.

The Contractor should have demonstrated experience with evaluation of project management and delivery, notably in a multi-stakeholder and multi-level context. Ideally he/she should be familiar with delivery of projects financed by the European Commission.

Interested parties are invited to submit the following documentation:
1. A cover letter;
2. A technical offer including a methodological proposal of the steps to follow (i.e. desk research, semi-structured interviews etc.) and their objective;
3. A financial offer with the expected cost, including any direct costs (e.g. travel expenses for meetings with the Secretariat), suggested number of working days with daily cost, number of staff assigned, etc.;
4. A professional curriculum vitae (for individual experts) or indicative list of past contracts (for companies) demonstrating the bidder’s background and experience relevant for the assignment.

Interested suppliers shall submit their bids no later than by Monday, 31 December 2018.

See the Terms of reference for more information.


Useful documents

Terms of reference - Internal assessment
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