Have you noticed changes on our website?

12 March 2020

Slightly redesigned and largely improved, PLATFORMA’s website is live with a string of new features. The intent is simple: to provide a better overview of local and regional governments’ international action, in Europe and beyond. Let’s discover it together!

What’s new?

A new banner welcomes you in a glimpse of eye. Divided into 4 parts, it leads you to our top activities of the moment: one highlighted news on the left, one key initiative on the top-right (currently the PLATFORMAwards) and below, direct links to the simplified “Who we are” presentation and the enriched “Publications’ corner”.

That’s all?

No! On all pages, the visual aspect is improved. The box to register to our monthly newsletter gets an orange background – you cannot miss it anymore! –, the latest Tweets appear with pictures, and the calendar gets additional features.

I’m looking for…

… something? All our news, events and publications are now classified by categories, partners and dates. That makes your life easier when you are searching information!

And the partners?

Our partners are now displayed on a map. As before, each partner’s page includes a short description, contact details as well as a social media live feed. But their presentations are also enriched with more info and a direct link to the latest news, latest event and latest publication.

You said publications?

Indeed, speaking about the publications, the section is now divided between “Our publications” and “Other publications”. This second part is still under construction, but will give you an easier access to everything that is published on decentralised cooperation.

Last but not least…

The “Jobs & tender” section is highlighted at the top-right-hand, wherever you are navigating on the website. News on our 5 “clusters” of activities are now presented in the same section, as well as training opportunities that might interest you.

Wow! What a change! 

Everything is now designed to optimise your browsing experience! Let’s enjoy it!

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