Response to Europeaid consultation on the thematic programme NSA-LA

1 July 2009

In 2009 the European Commission launched a consultation on the content of the programme “Non-State Actors – Local Authorities” and on the modalities for the calls for proposals, privileged mode for the allocation of funds under this programme.

In its reply, PLATFORMA called on the Commission to modify the guidelines so as to favour concrete projects, in line with local and regional authorities’ mandate and competences, such as strengthening their capacities through training for elected representatives and managerial teams and infrastructure rehabilitation.

PLATFORMA asked that the minimum amounts for multi-country projects, often too high for local governments, be lowered.

In order to facilitate the participation of cities and regions in the calls for proposals, PLATFORMA called on the Commission to increase the period between the publication of the call and the deadline for submission to 60 days, and to publish the calls at a fixed date. PLATFORMA also encouraged the Commission to simplify the PADOR registration form.

PLATFORMA welcomed the Commission initiative of organising the project selection as a two-phase process.

PLATFORMA called on the Commission to modify the application forms and evaluation criteria in order to favour the relevance of the projects over the more technical aspects of the forms, and suggested that experts from local and regional authorities be included in the group of evaluators.

Finally, the network underlined the need to organise training and information sessions on the very complex application and project management procedures.

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Response to the consultation on the programme NSA-LA
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