Valérie Dumontet to represent Cités Unies France in New York

25 April 2022

President of Cités Unies France SDG group and Vice-president of the Aude department, Valérie Dumontet, will represent the French association at the Meeting of the World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments on the occasion of the United Nations high-level meeting on the review and implementation of the New Urban Agenda. This event will take place on 27 April, at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

It will be an opportunity to take stock of the five years that have passed since the adoption of the New Urban Agenda, as well as to reflect collectively on the lessons learned during the pandemic period.

The Global Taskforce of local and regional governments issued a joint statement to set out the principles that will guide the discussions.

Above all, the declaration recalls the need to place healthcare at the center of the supply of local services and of all political decisions.

The declaration then lists the priorities of local governments regarding this new urban agenda. First, the protection of the planet: for example through the relocation of food systems and the development of sustainable public transport, themes in which local governments are often pioneers.

Then health and more generally healthcare and well-being: accessibility, open spaces, access to public services, green spaces… As well as the guarantee of rights and equality: cultural life, gender equality, citizen participation, etc.

Finally, the declaration reaffirms the 2030 Agenda as an appropriate framework and a lever for the transformation of our systems, interconnected with the new urban agenda and the SDGs. Ite stresses the importance of taking the agenda into account in the policies put in place in order to make it a reality.

The declaration highlights the role of monitoring by local governments, through the Voluntary Reviews on the implementation of the SDGs in communities, and finally declares that the multilateral system must be renewed to allow the full engagement of local governments and regions and a concrete realisation of the global programmes.


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