Your #localgov guide to COP23

8 November 2017

The 2017 UN Climate Change Conference just opened in Bonn (Germany), with the aim of “launching nations towards the next level of ambition needed to tackle global warming”. But towns and regions are also active towards decarbonised societies! Discover how.

This non-exhaustive calendar gathers side-events and meetings organised in the framework of COP23 that are relevant for decentralised cooperation players.

Climate Summit of Local Leaders

When? 12 November

Where? Bonn zone

Who? ICLEI on behalf of the Global Task Force

More info: Two initiatives closely linked to PLATFORMA will be highlighted in this event: CONNECT mechanism as a tool to foster climate partnerships and the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (of which PLATFORMA is a member of the advisory committee).


Side Event on Municipal Climate Partnerships

When? 8 November, 15.00-16.30

Where? ICLEI pavillon, Bonn zone

Who? Engagement Global

More info:


Side Event on networking and city-to-city cooperation

When? 10 November, 10.00-11.00

Where? Talanoa space, Bonn zone (near ICLEI pavillion)

Who? Engagement Global

More info:


Stoke take of the Agadir Climate Chance Summit

Who? Climate Chance association

When? 10 November, 11.00-12.30

Where? Morocco pavillon, Bonn zone

More info:

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Présentation et point d’étape de l’initiative « Ensemble contre les changements climatiques en Afrique »

When? 10 November, 13.00-14.30

Where? Pavillon de la Francophonie, Bonn zone

Who? Climate Chance association

More info:

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Meet Municipal Climate Partnerships at COP23

When? 11 November 9.30-14.00

Where? Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn [Bonn Science Centre]

Who? Engagement Global

More info:

  • Programme
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  • Joel Kossivi Agnigbo, +49 (0)228 20717-149


Project Preparation Practitioners’ Forum

When? 14 November, 14.30-19.00

Where? BMZ, Bonn


More info:

  • From 14.30 to 18.00 the event is upon invitation only (please contact Charlotte Boulanger should you wish to attend); from 18.00 to 19.00 the networking event will be open to all
  • Concept note


« Boosting cooperation between all actors to implement the Paris agreement »

When? 15 November, 9.30-11.00

Where? European Union Pavillon, Bonn zone

Who? Climate Chance multi-stake-holder coalition on governance


Stoke take of the Climate Chance observatory of the Paris agreement

When? 15 November, 12.00-13.30

Where? Pavillon of France, Bonn zone

Who? Climate Chance association

More info:

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Stoke take of COP23 from the non-state actors point of view

When? 17 November, 10.30-13.20

Where? LGMA Pavillon, Bonn Zone

Who? Climate Chance association

More info:

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