100 European cities put the spotlights on the “100 days of the Russian WøARld”

30 May 2022

Brussels, Eindhoven, Liverpool, Palermo, Wroclaw… 100 European cities are expected to organise photo exhibitions in open main squares on 4-5 June. Launched by the Charitable Fund “Act for Ukraine!”, the initiative aims at shedding light on the terrible consequences of the Russian invasion.

These photo exhibitions dedicated to 100 days of struggle of Ukraine against the Russian large-scale military aggression will “provide evidence of the genocide committed by Russia against the Ukrainian people”.

Yanina Basysta, CEO of the Charitable Fund “Act for Ukraine!”, said: “For the third month in a row, millions of people in the heart of Europe are forced to hide in basements, living amid sirens and shelling. We have not chosen such a reality and we will never accept it”.

If your city is among the list of pre-selected 100 cities, contact “Act for Ukraine” and support the organisation of the photo exhibitions.

(Picture by Act for Ukraine)

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