Come to the Climate Chance global summit in Nantes

8 August 2016

For non-state actors serious about finding solutions to climate change, the place to be this year is the Climate Chance summit. It will address a vast range of topics, all concerning climate change; from biodiversity and transport to energy and agriculture and much more.

Who will be there?

Many high-profile non-state actors will be at the summit. Here are some of the speakers and participants:

•    Mayor of Nantes, Johanna Rolland
•    Mayor of Seoul, Park Won-Soon
•    Senator of Loire-Atlantique, UCLG spokesperson for climate and President of the Climate Chance association, Ronan Dantec
•    French Minister for the environment, energy and the sea, Ségolène Royal
•    Executive Director of UN Habitat, Joan Clos


On this occasion, two side events will be organized by PLATFORMA, CEMRAFCCRECUF, the NGO ENDA Energy and with the contribution of Nantes metropole and the Delegation for the external action of local governments (DAECT) of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
  • Forum Decentralised cooperation and territorial partnerships (on Monday 26th of September from 15:30 to 17:00)
  • Workshop (COOP7) « financing decentralised cooperation – mobilise new resources for resilient and low carbon development cooperation” (on Tuesday 27 September from 15:00 to 16:30)

As active non-state actors in the fight against climate change, PLATFORMA members will also be taking part, leading or organising different events at the summit that you can find in the schedule – there are 6 plenary sessions, 18 forums, and more than 65 workshops that you can attend.

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