Fons Mallorquí is training municipal staff on SDGs in Burkina Faso

6 June 2019

Fons Mallorquí has facilitated a training on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to Tenado’s municipal technicians in Burkina Faso. This training is included in the framework of a pilot project financed by PLATFORMA on the implementation of the Global Goals in two municipalities of the South, in which the Mallorcan Fund is working in, and two of Mallorca.

The project plans that the training be given to technicians and elected authorities in each of the proposed municipalities, both in Mallorca and Pocona (Bolívia) and Tenado (Burkina Faso), on the origin of the SDGs and because it is important to localise them.

In this regard, the Burkinese technicians were the first to receive the guidelines on localising the Sustainable Development Goals, territorial planning and monitoring and evaluation on the global agendas.

As a result of the training, an improvement in the knowledge is expected to implement and adapt the goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda, appropriation of tools and methods for collecting data as well as reporting.

The second part of the pilot project will focus on the importance of sensitization to the population about SDGs, while in the last phases will be announced the tools and key concepts to identify them align their strategic plans with the objectives.

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